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Life on the Island Edit

She created a copy of the notebook, using the notebook, after a fight with her friends, and started writing a lot of scribbles. The notebook malfunctioned, sending her to Dustmoor, in the year 1942, along with everyone in the academy. As the notebook's a copy, and doesn't have the full power of the original, Peggy is stuck there for a while, and ends up being a student at the academy, and becoming mates with Frankie and Kaya.

Even after the notebook got its power back, Peggy decides to stay on the island.

Personality and Traits Edit

Hates to be viewed as a child, constantly saying she's 14 and a ½, and glaring at anyone who forgets the ½. Constantly thinks of plans, which are sometimes ignored by others. Her innocent looks are deceptive, and she has a slight devious, more cunning side, which Walker appreciated, and the two started thinking of plans together.